on Franny and Zooey

by Matt Trowbridge

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produced by Matt Trowbridge and Joe Russo
recorded by Joe Russo, Don Piper, and Matt
mixed by Don Piper
mastered by Garrett Haines


released April 28, 2015

Matt Trowbridge - pianos and vocals
Joe Russo - drums and percussion
Jon Shaw - bass and guitar on #1
Scott Metzger - guitar
Dan Iead - pedal steel
Andrew Southern - bass on #1
Don Piper - backing vocals on #2



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Matt Trowbridge New Jersey

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Track Name: The Muck
Wakin up, they missed the muck.
Stayin stuck inside, while the flood was raging.
Holding on to their favorite trinkets,
the hints of loves gone by like a raging river.

Water rising, the appetizers,
Shrimps and crawdads were crawling in the room.
Uninvited into the parlor,
Chillin on chaise lounge in funky hats.

Racing by candlelit moonlight,
By the third night, their favorite horse had died.
They tried to find a suitable replacement,
But the group was so familiar with their former favorite.

They rejected, over the slightest defect,
Never thinking bout the way things could have been.
Without hangups, the living's easy.
Someday, they may return to what they know.

Oh my how you've grown!
Life has shown you,
When it doesn't really matter anymore.

Something beautiful
Is just like a doodle;
It happens quickly, and it rarely leaves a mark.
Track Name: Suzanne
Suzanne, I finally found a way
to sing a song about how
I think that I could watch you for hours
doing all the things that you love,

And it isn't easy to be so completely
Free in the moment, the morning is best
And my chest
Is full of the feeling I felt when we met,
And I knew maybe I was all set.

I'm beside myself with Suzanne by my side.
And it feels so good to be alive.
When my life gets crazy, Suzanne can show me
It isn't really that bad.

Suzanne, I finally found a way
to sing a song about how
I love the way we can change and adjust
for each other
I really love you Suzanne.
Track Name: How We Stand
Oh here it goes again,
Good and evil keep on spinning.
The story never ends.
I told the truth -
I don't regret it, I can't forget it.

A million years ago,
Time was moving so slow.
The fear of the unknown,
You let me down and lose control.
The difference in approaching
What was scary
Has gone and messed with us again.

I don't know how we stand.

The letter's in the mail.
Should I change my name for the third time?
I've already been through hell.
I came out fine -
I'm better for it, I don't ignore it.

So many years ago,
When nothing was in my control,
Had to learn to turn it over,
Now I'm older, and I let it go.
How we all survive,
This life can kick our asses
Up and down the hall.

How we stand at all.
Track Name: Just Another Song
Turn it off and turn it on,
Working hard and having fun.
One for all and all for one,
Until the battle has begun.

Last night or the night before,
I dreamt of knocking down your door.
I couldn't recognize
The way it was inside.

Just another song
About losing what you love
Gotta move on
It doesn't have to be so hard
She didn't break your heart
Took away just a little part.

Now I'm reaching for the stars,
Through the sun roof of my brother's car.
Out on Cherry Valley Road,
where the castles don't need moats.

I still remember,
when I would wait for you to call.
Acting up, like a kid.
Most every time, all the time.

Just another song.
Track Name: Fat Lady
It's been forever, but please
Try to remember me.
I remember you.

If I seem lonely, don't call.
I will be waiting for it all
To go back to the way that it was

Before I took my fall.
I know it's my fault.
But it all got away from my hands
So fast.

Don't leave me like this.
You can believe me - I miss you.
I promise I won't let it sour.

I hope you'll remember me.
You were always my Fat Lady,
my God.
I happened so long ago.